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Bài mẫu Essay Advantages và Disadvantages: Some people think that young people should be required to vị unpaid work helping people in the community. Do the advantages outweigh the disadvantages?


Dưới đấy là bài mẫu mã Essay Advantages và Disadvantages, tham khảo để ôn luyện thi IELTS Writing tại nhà hiệu quả bạn nhé:

It is not uncommon khổng lồ see adolescents & young adults working lớn provide help khổng lồ their communities. Perhaps due to lớn this, some people have proposed policy where youths are obliged lớn perform this service lớn society without being paid. This arrangement, despite seemingly advantageous in certain aspects, actually possesses drawbacks that, in my opinion, would overshadow the benefits.

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A typical conclusion that may be cited by proponents of compulsory unpaid community work is that young people, by devoting their effort to aiding others, could enlighten themselves on the significance of helping the community. Hence, when neighborhood service becomes a widely-propagated movement among the young population thanks khổng lồ legal mandate, a generation’s worth of people of age could be instilled with humanitarian values such as selflessness and altruism, paving the way to forging compassionate society. It should, moreover, not be forgotten that when the youth’s labor is guaranteed khổng lồ be channeled into helping people in the populace, the lives of the less fortunate will undoubtedly be uplifted. Social welfare and happiness will rise, as a result. Because of these advantages, a plan khổng lồ require unsalaried youth community service by law could seem like an enticing proposal to lớn some.

However, there are drawbacks if such as cheme comes to fruition. It should be understood that the time of certain young people will be wasted; to the ones with entrepreneurial spirit, for example, being compelled to perform unpaid community service would subject them khổng lồ a loss of income. Disaffected youths might even cheat to avoid having to vị this sort of work, diminishing any positive effects. Man dating, additionally, would require legislation khổng lồ create additional public offices responsible for community service. Expanding governmental authority this way is likely khổng lồ bloat the executive branch, while diverting taxpayer money away from more pressing concerns, such as improving public education quality or protecting strategic interests, in the process. The aforementioned pitfalls belong lớn a higher order of issues, & hence, could very much outweigh any advantage produced.

In conclusion, I stand by my belief that the benefits of obligating the young lớn serve others in the community without pay are eclipsed by its drawbacks. This sort of service should remain voluntary and never be made mandatory.

Từ vựng hay được sử dụng trong bài mẫu Essay Advantages và Disadvantages phía trên:

Adolescents: thanh thiếu thốn niênTo be obliged to vày something: bị buộc làm điều gì đóEnlighten: khai sángWidely-propagated: được lan tỏa rộng rãilegal mandate: luậtInstilled: ngấm nhuầnSelflessness: sự quên mìnhAltruism: lòng vị thaForge (verb): xây dựngCompassionate: từ bỏ bi,nhân áiPopulace: (tập thể) dân cưUplift (verb): nâng caoEnticing: hấp dẫnCome khổng lồ fruition: biến hóa hiện thựcEntrepreneurial spirit: ý thức kinh dọcCompel: bắt buộcLegislation: vận động lập phápBloat: làm phình toPitfalls: cạm bẫyEclipse: che lấp, có tác dụng lu mờVoluntary: mang tính tự nguyệnMandatory: mang tính bắt buộc

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Bài mẫu mã Essay Advantages and Disadvantages: In today’s world, private companies rather than the government pay for và conduct most scientific research. Bởi you think the advantages outweigh disadvantages?


Dưới đây là bài mẫu Essay Advantages & Disadvantages, tìm hiểu thêm để ôn luyện thi IELTS Writing tại nhà kết quả bạn nhé:

In recent years, it has been a common practice for private organizations, rather than the state, khổng lồ invest in và carry out most scientific research. One may contend that this development overall has numerous benefits, as long as the authority can keep check on the moral & ethical codes of all involved parties.

The most overwhelming advantage that private companies have over the government in handling researches is efficiency. While state-sponsored projects are often bogged down by bureaucracy and red tapes, private activities are executed with utmost urgency and precision because any delay would severely affect the expected financial returns. As a result, scientific breakthroughs and innovations can happen at a much greater pace under the management of the private sector. A perfect example is the finding of the vaccine for viral diseases such as the COVID-19 pandemic. Large corporates lượt thích Johnson và Johnson or Pfizer have made leaps & bounds in preliminary trials khổng lồ cut down the expected development time from five years lớn just above one year. By comparison, the U.S government’s plan for a SARS vaccine has been around for over a decade, yet nothing significant has materialized.

In addition, the private sector can raise và provide funding for researches far beyond the capability of any nation.In most countries around the world, the government’s budget is currently stretched to lớn their limits with massive spendings on education, healthcare, pension, và defense. Without money from private companies, not many scientific initiatives can be carried out, và the technological advancement of humankind will come to a standstill. This effect can clearly be seen in humanity’s quest for conquering Mars as a second home. No major progress was made until the appearance of SpaceX, a startup of genius billionaire Elon Musk, & it’s one of a kind reusable rocket propellers. Now, humans are expected lớn colonize Mars by 2040. However, all said advantages are conditional upon the strict surveillance of the authority of private actions. As companies are primarily profit-driven,

there are certain moral hazards when it comes lớn carrying out research & experiments. Any cost-cutting measure can potentially create exponential risks khổng lồ the communities. Revisiting the example of vaccine development, if companies neglect investments on safety procedures và the contained viruses escape, the world will face grimmer consequences than the current outbreak.

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In conclusion, it is strongly advisable that the private sector takes charge of paying and conducting scientific research due to lớn the superiority in productivity and funding. The government, nevertheless, must be vigilant and take an active role in overseeing all such actions lớn ensure no foul play.

Từ vựng hay được sử dụng trong bài mẫu Essay Advantages & Disadvantages phía trên:

common practice (n): thông lệmoral và ethical codes (n): phép tắc đạo đứcinvolved parties (n): các bên liên quanstate-sponsored (adj): được đơn vị nước tài trợbogged down (collocation): sa lầybureaucracy and red tapes: thói quan liêu liêu & giấy tờ thủ tục hành chính phức tạpfinancial returns: lợi nhuận tài chínhscientific breakthrough: bước đột phá trong khoa họcinnovation (n): sự cải tiến, bí quyết tânmade leaps và bounds: dành được bước tiến thần tốcmaterialized (adj): rõ ràng hóa, thay đổi hiện thựcfar beyond the capability: quá xa khả năngstretched to lớn their limits: bị kéo căng mang lại giới hạnstandstill (n): sự bế tắchumanity’s quest: trách nhiệm của nhân loạicolonize (v): khai phá thuộc địaconditional (adj): phụ thuộc, tất cả điều kiệncost-cutting measure: biện pháp tiết kiệm ngân sách và chi phí chi phíneglect (v): xao nhãng, không chú ýgrim (adj): tàn nhẫn/ đen tốitakes charge: thừa nhận trách nhiệmvigilant (adj): thận trọngfoul play: đùa xấu

Bài mẫu Essay Advantages & Disadvantages: It is suggested that primary school children should learn how lớn grow vegetables and keep animals. Bởi vì the advantages outweigh the disadvantages?


Dưới đấy là bài chủng loại Essay Advantages và Disadvantages, tham khảo để ôn luyện thi IELTS Writing trên nhà công dụng bạn nhé:

In the age of technological dominance, some people, quite interestingly, propose a retro teaching style for primary children: instructing them on vegetable và animal caring.

From my perspective, albeit some obvious advantages, they will be eclipsed by this educational method’s considerable disadvantages.

On the bright side, lessons on vegetable and animal caring can bring certain benefits to primary students. The first rationale is that this educational approach effectively teaches

them about essential life skills for self-sufficiency. Growing vegetables và raising animals are practical skills that can accompany students throughout their life. Therefore, should

they learn these skills at a young age, self-sufficiency will become a simpler task for primary students upon adulthood. Furthermore, learning these skills instils a sense of

responsibility among primary pupils. Taking care of vegetables and animals requires tremendous agriculture-related knowledge và efforts, which can be done by a genuine sense of responsibility from the grower. Therefore, upon the learning process, schoolchildren will be moulded in conscientious citizens for the society who readily take accountability for their works.

On the flip side, however, these merits will be significantly outweighed by the demerits, one of which is the hurdle in facility method provisions for this teaching Agriculture-related skills điện thoại tư vấn for actual live animals và fertile land areas in order for students lớn truly understand what is entailed in the process of vegetable & animal caring. This poses an arduous predicament lớn most primary schools, especially in urban areas because the above facilities are difficult to lớn establish in city settings. What is an even more glaring drawback is the dubious application of these farming skills in real life. As the world progresses towards the technology-driven era, most students will adopt a more technology-related career orientation, which makes these skills appear to little avail for their future. Also, vegetables and livestock products are easily available; therefore, primary students will consider learning lớn grow vegetables và keeping animals are dundant task or even a distractor to lớn their study.

In conclusion, although learning lớn grow vegetables và keep animals may seem a novel idea with certain benefits, its drawbacks are so considerable that it is worth a second thought. Therefore, these skills should only be optional at primary schools since students’ long-term personal development is still given precedence.

Từ vựng hay sử dụng trong bài xích mẫu Essay Advantages & Disadvantages phía trên:

Retro teaching style (n): phương thức dạy trở lại thời xưaAlbeit: mang dùEclipse (v): quá qua, tỏa sáng hơnOn the bright side: về mặt tốtOn the flip side: về phương diện xấuAccompany sb throughout one’s life: theo suốt cuộc đờiInstil a sense of responsibility: nâng cao tinh thần trách nhiệmConscientious citizens (n): công dân gồm ý thức trách nhiệmFacility provisions (n): xây dựng, hỗ trợ cơ sở đồ gia dụng chấtCity setting (n): môi trường xung quanh thành phố, đô thịTo little avail: gồm ít tác dụngWorth a second thought: đề nghị nghĩ lại về điều gìLong-term personal development: sự phân phát triển cá thể trong lâu dàiGiven precedence: được ưu tiên

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