Cambridge Vocabulary for IELTS aims lớn extend và improve the accuracy of your vocabulary & help you prepare for the IELTS test. It introduces vocabulary through listening and reading texts that reflect the materials used in the IELTS test. Learning new words in context can help you to remember them and also helps you to understand their meaning. This book also gives you opportunities lớn practice new words so that they can become part of your active vocabulary.

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The book is designed for students working alone who want to lớn revise and extend their vocabulary. But it can also be used as part of an IELTS preparation course in the classroom or set as homework by a teacher. It is also suitable for advanced students, or those studying English for academic purposes.

You can work through the teaching units (1-20) in any order, but you should study all the units if you want lớn prepare thoroughly for the test. You may want lớn start with a particular unit because it relates to lớn a topic in your coursebook or because you have a particular interest in that area.

Units 21 & 22 give helpful tips on (earning new vocabulary & how khổng lồ use a dictionary. These units provide a very useful introduction khổng lồ learning vocabulary, so it may be a good idea to look at these first.

The first đôi mươi units present và practice vocabulary based on general & academic topics. Each topic is divided into smaller sections. Each unit has three pages of vocabulary exercises based on listening, reading. Writing và speaking materials that are similar to lớn those found in the IELTS test. There is also a focus on pronunciation. In addition, each unit has one page for a kiểm tra practice activity, or three pages when it is academic reading chạy thử practice.

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The kiểm tra practice includes examples of all the different tasks in the following papers: Academic Reading, General Training Reading, Academic Writing, General Training Writing, Listening, & Speaking. These tasks provide useful practice và revision even if you are not taking the test.

At the front of the book is a summary of what is in each part of the IELTS test. The last five units of the book provide a general guide to learning and using new vocabulary.

Units 21 and 22 give useful tips on developing vocabulary và using a dictionary. Units 23 — 25 focus on useful vocabulary for the different writing sections of the IELTS test.

Units 23 and 24 are designed for students planning on taking the Academic Training Module và Unit 25 is designed for students planning on taking the General Training Module.

At the end of the book, you will also find an answer key for each unit including mã sản phẩm answers for each writing task, recording scripts and wordlists for each unit.

You need to lớn listen to lớn the audio CD to vì the listening và pronunciation exercises in each unit. The test practice listening tasks are also on the audio CD. In the IELTS listening test, you hear everything once only so try not to trả lời the track.

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