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IELTS letter writing for general task 1 – training and overview

The general task 1 section of the exam requires you to write a letter. Letter writing in English consists of standard phrases và structure, most of which are outlined below in this tutorial.

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Also, you can use the question as a ready made plan khổng lồ follow for your writing, you can write a few sentences for each bullet point in the question, & you have a well structured answer covering the task response requirement.

Below we have a large danh mục of questions, IELTS letter samples and phrases khổng lồ help you with your online IELTS preparation. For more help with IELTS writing, take a look at our range of writing tasks.

I am not happy aboutI want you lớn know that
I am writing to lớn express my dissatisfaction with I am writing to express my annoyance with
I am very much unhappy withI must complain about
I feel something should be done aboutI am writing lớn you to lớn complain

I am writing in relation lớn the advertised position of…Please find my CV attached…
If you have any further questions please vì chưng not hesitate to tương tác me…I am available between the hours of 2pm and 4pm Monday – Thursday.
 I am writing lớn apply for the position of…My responsibilities included….
My most recent job was…I believe I have all the relevant experience required…

IELTS general letter writing samples: how to lớn write an invitation

General writing task 1 sample: Your friends recently moved to a new city. You will also be moving to the same city. Write a letter lớn your friends và include:– Ask where to lớn find a place lớn live– Tell them what type of place you’re looking for– mô tả some fun things you would lượt thích to bởi when you get there

IELTS general writing task 1 sample: You will be graduating from university và would lượt thích to invite your family to the ceremony.Write a letter of invitation lớn your parents. In the letter:– Explain that you have completed your studies– Give details of the event, including time, date and dress code– Let them know how many tickets they have & who they are for

IELTS general writing task 1 sample: You have won a holiday to Hawaii with one extra ticket.Write a letter to lớn someone lớn invite them along with you. In the letter:– Explain what has happened và that you would lượt thích them to come– Give details of when the trip will take place– Inform the person of the things they will need for the trip

I am writing you in response khổng lồ your invitationWith the reference of your proposal
Please do let me know if you can make itThank you for your kind invite however, unfortunately
I am writing to reply khổng lồ your kind invitation regarding theDo let me know if you can make it
It would be delightful to lớn have you herePlease RSVP as soon as possible

I am happy khổng lồ advise you thatI strongly advise you to/not to
It would/might be a good idea toThe best thing for you to vày is
I honestly believe it would be better toPlease bởi consider my advice because
In my honest opinion I wouldI would strongly suggest you consider

I regret khổng lồ inform youI am writing to apologise
It is with my deepest regret thatI would lượt thích to apologise
I sincerely apologise for I vày apologise for any inconvenience caused
I hope that this does not cause you any problemsI would strongly suggest you consider

Could you please / possiblyPlease would you consider
Would it be possible toWould you be kind enough to
Is there any way you could … ?I would strongly suggest you consider
(informal) Can you ..?(informal) Will you ..?

Hello / Hi name / Hi thereI was wondering of you could help me.
I’m sorry lớn tell you thatI should let you know that
I hope you’re wellIt’s been ages since I’ve heard from you
Lots of loveThanks very much

Task 1 GT sample answer to lớn inform

A letter khổng lồ inform is used whenever the sender (you) would lượt thích to inform the receiver of some information. The information you wish to lớn convey could be related lớn just about anything. Below is a các mục of topics or concepts your letter may cover– Inform about a death/ engagement/ wedding/ special life event– Inform about an acceptance or rejection of application– Inform about the receipt of a document or package– Inform about a current event

The purpose of an “inform” letter is to lớn make sure that whatever important news the receiver has to get is clear & articulate. You want lớn ensure that your letter has a structure. This would include your introduction, your body toàn thân and ultimately your conclusion.

The introduction- here you want khổng lồ set up the conversation of the letter. This can include a greeting, an enquiry about how the receiver is doing & then depending on how well you know the receiver a brief introduction of who you are.

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Example: Letter to inform about an upcoming wedding

Sample introduction:

Hi Emily,

This is Jill, we met at the art exhibition last year. I hope this e-mail finds you well.

The body – Once the introduction is complete you need to lớn write the reason for your “inform letter”.

Sample Body:

Jack & I engaged! I would love it so very much if you could make it lớn our wedding. You played a huge role in us getting together and it only makes sense that you are part of the big day.

The conclusion – this section is where you close your letter. You can make any final requests or list any final requirements

Sample conclusion:

By the way, I lost all my contacts as my phone was stolen. This is my new number 123 456 789. I look forward lớn hearing back from you.


Your friend, Jill

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