Nandaaaaaaa?! 851 published before new year? Wasn"t expecting another chapter in this year at all and was so busy with the holidays that I did not even realize. But I won"t complain, because daaaaamn this chapter was lượt thích roller coaster ride of feels!!


Let"s jump straight into it! ~ 851 "Tab End" ~

This blue themed cover celebrating the new year is so beautiful & as always very detailed! I especially love how Zoro and Sanji are displayed! Looks lượt thích they are the Strawhats" bodyguards (๑˃̵ᴗ˂̵๑)


So this chapter is straight up the continuation of last weeks". It literally continues with Sanji, as broken as he already was in 850, still standing in front of the window và following Pudding"s massive rant. She ridicules Sanji"s personality in every way possible, calling him a failure & not accepting him as a prince. She points out that every man is the same when it comes lớn women"s tears.

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But we all know that Sanji is different.


Poor Sanji"s reaction made me so angry at her but also at his family :triumph: I really hope he"s able to recover from this, cause this will leave a huge scar..


We also get lớn know Pudding a little more. Meaning her DF powers. She ate the Memo Memo no Mi & became a memory person. With that said, she already gives us a little taste of how dangerous her memory manipulation is. She presents Reiju the crazy truth about herself & in the next moment she edits exactly these memories in Reiju"s mind as if nothing ever happened. This kind of power is dangerous on another level than physical strength. It"s definitely a Special Officer Sugar màn chơi danger. I still need to lớn figure out how one can manage to lớn negate this kind of power. I will probably vày a theory on this one separately, if a can find a solution!

Brook vs Big Mom: even though we don"t really see them fight, we can clearly see that Brook already put up a tough fight, but the speech he held was more fascinating và simply epic.


I love that he points out that the outcome of this trip completely depends on Luffy and Sanji themselves. Brook getting his hands on the copy only means that he will be able to lớn contribute khổng lồ a more positive conclusion. Depending on Sanji returning khổng lồ the SH or not, this would mean either a consolation prize or the ultimate once in a lifetime jackpot.

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From the very first moment of Brook"s appearance, I knew he was more than special and we still need to lớn find out more about his past, especially the stories about his life before the Rumba Pirates! I"m sure this will give us a great insight on his chất lượng personality and will explain his sincere loyalty towards his captains. I really love him so much!!! "Bone khổng lồ wi-ild?! Bone khổng lồ be wiiiiild!!!" وو ♪♪♪

Excited lớn see if Brook actually manages to lớn get his hands on a copy of the poneglyphs! Because as he says, them coming to lớn Whole Cake Island và not achieving this would make their efforts go all to waste.

Nami & Luffy are still imprisoned & our yet-to-be-Pirate King almost ripped his hands off, if not for our last minute savior. Jinbeee :heart: (in my last đánh giá I actually anticipated news on him in this chapter, and here we goooo~)

So glad too see that he still got all of his limbs as far as I can tell on these few panels. I really wonder what the outcome of BM"s trò chơi for Jinbei really meant and if it included him loosing some limbs, what he did lớn negotiate a more positive outcome.

Nevertheless I think with quái vật Jinbei on their side things are going to move forward very quickly from now on.

This chapter was first of all more than a surprise regarding the early release! But all in all more than satisfying!! I love how everyone believed that last week"s chapter resembled the current Arc"s down & that this assumption got refuted by Sanji"s maximized sadness in 851. This ultimate despair was exaggerated by the bloody (desperate) situation on Luffy"s side. Và before crashing into Hell"s doors, Jinbei grabbed our hands & pulled us out. From now on we can clearly see a small light in this pitch đen darkness. So expect a brighter chapter next time, where the anticipated tea các buổi tiệc nhỏ will be crashed by our bomb box và the SHs!

A side notes:

(I) As Pudding points her "Walker 36 Caliber Percussion Revolver" at Reiju she states that Vinsmokes are made out of iron? So she needs a special weapon strong enough to be able to lớn pierce through the body of a Vinsmoke. I really wonder about the manifestation of this family"s science and knowledge & hope we will get information on that aspect even though this Arc is announced to end quickly.

(II) Noticed that Luffy is still missing his tooth, which he lost in the fight vs Sanji? Would be really cool if Oda didn"t change it. It would make their fight so much more realistic và meaningful!

(III) Bropper talks lớn mirrors và Carrot wants to draw. Why vị I think she"s absolutely terrible at this??