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Sono Bisque Doll wa Koi wo suru

Jaku-Chara Tomozaki-kun (Novel)Gotou-san Wants Me lớn Turn Around (Pre-serialization)The (Inner Voice of the) Girl Next khổng lồ Me Is LoudGood/Bad FortuneThe Fairytale-Like You Goes On the Assault
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A neat manga with decent pacing & development. If I had lớn guess, the two MC's are probably going khổng lồ stay friends, and that's fine with me. Not every manga has to be Ase to Sekken after all.The central mystery though...

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Who is "Non-chan"? My first thought was that it was Kitagawa (and her child version looks quite a bit like her), but then when Akira was introduced I thought it might be her. Either way, there's no confirmation yet & really, it strikes me as a behind-the-scenes motivation for Gojou to vị what he does
There is quite a bit of tín đồ service. Và it's a little weird that the manga is in the same magazine that Bitter Virgin was in.Also, as with a couple other manga I'm reading that have recently been licensed, I can't stand the English name for it.... Last updated on August 28th, 2022, 1:21am
This is a manga that uses the slice-of-life genre as an excuse to vị absolutely nothing. It was interesting for the first 15 chapters or so, but it just stagnates after that. Read if you want lớn see the MC và FL discuss a costume, buy supplies, make costume, and then finally take pictures. Now vày it again. & again. You mean this is it!? There is a tiny hint of romance somewhere in there which is really just elementary schoolyard-level of pacing, dominated by annoying amounts of tín đồ service, but that's it. Why this is featured in seinen is beyond me because there's literally nothing here that is more suited towards adults.Some people are ridiculously easy lớn please, và if that includes you, read it.... Last updated on August 7th, 2022, 10:10pm
OK, there isn't any real way lớn get around how bad the first handful of chapters are, BUT it really does get much better! In fact, by chapter 15, it actually gets sort of good. There's still a lot of pointless tín đồ service scenes, including a lot of sexualization of a middle school girl, but it actually gets really heartwarming and interesting. I'm sort of glad that I stuck it out =)... Last updated on March 23rd, 2022, 2:43pm
I admit that the story and the art is beautiful, especially the cuteness of the female and male lead but I am starting lớn hate the fan service... Last updated on March 11th, 2022, 5:46am
This manga has as lot of masculine people dressing as feminine characters và feminine people dressing as masculine characters, và does this very well. Honestly, the characters that cross dress look better khổng lồ me than the ones that don't, but I might be biased. I was just hoping the male main character would actually try cosplaying or even crossdressing outside of just a bunny suit, but he seems very timid in general so that might take a long time or might not happen at all. Overall, not a massive fan of the ecchi, especially as the characters doing the ecchi are probably underage, but the mangaka doesn't make it creepy at all, which is something I am happy about.

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When I first started reading this I enjoyed it, but I wasn't hooked. & yet 8 volumes in I'm loving it more and more. I think I found the initial setting a little stressful, but once it slipped into slice of life I liked it more.Beautiful art và fun premise.
It's a xinh tươi read for both female and male audience. Steady budding romance, (slow) character growth, innocent, youthful...what's not to lớn like!
A story of a bidding clothes designer that slowly gets comfortable about his choice of profession. Pretty easy to bởi when you start getting a pseudo-harem of beautiful female biến hóa models that start lớn flock over lớn you in recognition of your leet skills lớn help design their outfits.Lots of boy-girl interaction angst if that's your thing. The female lead's happy go attitude is legendary. Although matching this with her looks và hobbies makes her a unicorn that's only found in fiction. I guess that's why we read.