Adding pictures khổng lồ your document can be a great way to lớn illustrate important information or showroom decorative accents to lớn existing text. Used in moderation, pictures can improve the overall appearance of your document.

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Optional: tải về our practice document.

To insert a picture from a file:

If you have a specific image in mind, you can insert a picture from a file. In our example, we'll insert a picture saved locally on our computer.

Place the insertion point where you want the image to lớn appear.

Placing the insertion point
Clicking the Pictures command
Selecting a picture lớn insert
The inserted image

To resize an image, click và drag one of the corner sizing handles

. The image will change form size while keeping the same proportions. If you want to stretch it horizontally or vertically, you can use the side sizing handles

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Resizing an image

Inserting online pictures

If you don't have the picture you want on your computer, you can find a picture online to showroom to your document. Word offers two options for finding online pictures:

OneDrive: You can insert an image stored on your OneDrive (previously called SkyDrive). You can also link other online accounts with your Microsoft account, such as Facebook or Flickr.
Bing Image Search: You can use this option to search the internet for images. By default, Bing only shows images that are licensed under Creative Commons, which means you can use them for your own projects. However, you should go to lớn the image's website khổng lồ see if there are any restrictions on how it can be used.

Previously, you also had the option to lớn insert đoạn clip art images from, but this service has been discontinued. Instead, you can use Bing Image search to find images for your document.

To insert an online picture:Place the insertion point where you want the image khổng lồ appear.