Changing headings or headers is easy. But if you are a beginner, Word must be difficult for you. & when it comes to removing the headings one by one or all together, it gets more mind-numbing!

And for the beginners in Word, we have some easy methods for you. If you want to lớn know how to lớn remove headings in Word, these easy steps can help you out!There are five different methods we will talk about today. There are also other methods of deleting headings but these are the easiest ones on the list! kiểm tra them out!

Methods of Removing Heading in Word


Apply Normal Style

When you check the headings of MS Word, you will get several heading types.From Heading 1 khổng lồ Heading 9, you will get to use và change the headings as per your requirement.

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Step 1: Normal Text IdeaThe first option of all the headings is the NORMAL TEXT style. This option will help you khổng lồ write the texts in the normal style.You can apply this style and switch from the other heading styles khổng lồ the normal text. With the help of using this style, you can remove the other heading properties too.Step 2: Select the HeadingHere, you need to lớn select the text or the portion that you want to change from heading to lớn normal. You can also select several headings if you want lớn change them altogether.

Step 3: Go lớn StylesAfter selecting them with your cursor, you have to kiểm tra the tab STYLES on the home which is situated on the upper portion of Word.There, you will see different options and among then, the first one from the left will be NORMAL.


Step 4: Removing HeadingsWhen you have selected NORMAL, the Word will automatically remove the headings you have selected và it will replace them with normal texts just lượt thích the other part of the paragraph.Step 5: Change the Entire TextIn this case, you might want lớn remove the headings from your entire word file.If you want to vì this, you can follow a shortcut method without selecting each of them manually.Press CTRL+A. The whole text of the nội dung will get selected in this way. And then, you have to go through Step 3 khổng lồ Step 4.As a result, the whole text will change into a normal style.Note: But in this situation, you must keep in mind that this process will change all the other formats like BULLETS, ITALIC, BOLD, UNDERLINE, NUMBERED LIST, etc into normal text.Different Headers On Different Pages-Microsoft Word

Removing Heading with Dialog

If you want to change the heading khổng lồ a normal text word, you can also check this out. This is the Styles Dialog box method for deleting the headings. You might be interested in Microsoft Word Won’t xuất hiện Windows 10 và Mac.

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Step 1: Finding the Dialog BoxWhen you go through the Word file, you will see that there is a dialog box for headings in the đứng đầu section.In this dialog box, you will get different styles of headings. With the help of this dialog box, it is easy lớn change the heading.You can change one heading khổng lồ another style heading. Also, you can change it khổng lồ normal text. If you want khổng lồ clear the formatting for all the texts, you can vì chưng that too.Step 2: mở cửa Styles Dialog BoxFirst of all, you have khổng lồ mark the text or heading that you want khổng lồ turn back to lớn normal text. Highlight the part or select it.Now, you have to press Alt+CTRL+SHIFT+S. With the help of this short form, you will see the Styles dialog box.After clicking it, all the headings will be removed và you will only see the normal texts.

Removing Heading from Navigation Pane

You can also let the Word remove heading from the navigation pane. Make sure the Navigation pane is visible in your Word.Step 1: Getting Navigation PaneIf you don’t see the Navigation pane, you need to lớn go to lớn the VIEW option situated on the đứng đầu of the Word.When you get several options, put a tick mark on the NAVIGATION PANE khổng lồ see this option.Step 2: Go through Headings OptionIn the Navigation Pane, you will see the HEADINGS option along with the PAGES và RESULTS. It will show all the headings there.Check the article of How to lớn Fix Page Numbers in Word.Step 3: Delete HeadingOn the headings that are shown in the Navigation Pane, you can right-click and do whatever you want.By right-clicking, you will see various options. There is a DELETE option to lớn delete the heading. Press if và will no longer see the heading there!

Clear All Formatting Command

You can also settle for the Clear All Formatting command if you want to. This will help in clearing all the headings.In the first place, you have to lớn select or mark the heading or headings you want to lớn change.Now you have khổng lồ go khổng lồ the home tab first. There, you will see a group named FONT.Get into font and tìm kiếm CLEAR ALL FORMATTING icons. After you get it, press it.This will clear all the headings from the selected area & provide you normal texts.Note: Just lượt thích the previous method, this will also remove other formattings lượt thích BOLD, LISTS, UNDERLINED, etc. So, before selecting, check, & double-check it.

Remove Header Command

Step 1: Click INSERTIf you want khổng lồ delete the headers, you can go for this easy method. First of all, get inside the Word file và there you have to look at the vị trí cao nhất tab.In the đứng top tab, you will find an option named INSERT. Click the INSERT option.Step 2: Header & FooterNow that you have clicked it, you will see the HEADER & FOOTER section there. All you have to vị is go through the HEADER button and press it.Step 3: Remove HeaderAs a result, you will get a new box of options. Check the bottom part of the box. There, you will see an option called REMOVE HEADER. This is all you are searching for. By clicking it, you can remove the header in your MS Word!

Remove All Headers

There are times when you don’t want to remove the headers one by one. This might be time-consuming. As a substitute, you can rely on removing all the headers with some clicks!First of all, you have to lớn go to lớn the header area and double-click it. As a result, that will be editable for you.Now, you have to select the part of the header in your content. After selecting, press the delete in your keyboard.You will see that the header is gone. Và along with this, all the headers will disappear too from your content. This method is faster than the previous method.

Wrap Up

We are sure that if you are a PRO working in Word, these are the known facts khổng lồ you. However, beginners in Word might be very helpful with these easy steps for removing the heading styles.So, which method you use for removing headings in Word? cốt truyện with us in the comment box!heroestruyenky.vnLast Updated on by Edward C. Ruiz